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At Krebs Financial Management, LLC we believe it is critical to utilize 13 Wealth Management strategies as a roadmap for assessing your individual needs to personalize an integrated personal financial plan over the long term. Not everyone will need a plan for every strategy. 

13 Wealth Management Strategies

13 Wealth Management Strategies

1. Investment Planning

  • Ongoing Portfolio Management and Asset Allocation Review
  • Risk Tolerance Analysis
  • Utilization of Institutional Money Management
  • Socially and Environmentally Responsible Investments

2. Risk Management and Insurance Planning

  • Insurance Efficacy Review
  • Term Insurance
  • Permanent Insurance
  • Fixed and Variable Life Insurance

3. Banking and Credit Management

4. Retirement Planning

  • Fixed and Variable Annuities
  • Retirement Income Strategies
  • Cash Flow Review

5. Executive Compensation

6. Business Succession Planning

7. Planning for Incapacity

  • Long Term Care Insurance

8. Education Planning

  • Education Goals
  • 529 Plans
  • Coverdall Educations Savings Account

9. Charitable Giving

  • Charitable Giving Review

10. Titling and Beneficiary Designations

11. Executor and Trustee Selection

12. Distribution of Estate

  • Estate Plan Review 
  • Coordination with other professionals

13. Tax Planning

  • Tax Gain/Loss Summary
  • Liaison to your CPA and Attorney on Tax Developments
  • Tax and Cost Basis Reporting

ESG Investing: Investments You Can Feel Good About

ESG Investing: Investments You Can Feel Good About

At Krebs Financial, we want to ensure that your investments correlate to your values. ESG Investing stands for Economic, Social, and Corporate Governance. By considering and measuring the sustainability and societal impact of the companies you invest in, you can be confident that your investments are rooted in an ethical framework. 


"At the beginning of 2020, BlackRock laid a series of steps to make sustainability a key component of our investment approach, driven by the understanding that sustainability issues are essential to long-term investment performance."

"We believe an increased focus on ESG plays to our strengths as an organization that has always emphasized responsible stewardship of the money that investors entrust to us. We believe that integrating ESG will lead to better outcomes for clients and our organization.

Our investment analysts and 14 dedicated ESG specialists invested more than 4,000 hours in building our proprietary investment frameworks. "

-Capital Group, American Funds

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