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At KFM, our clients have the flexibility to choose among several service platforms for our financial planning expertise. The service platforms include 1.) fee-only consulting services and 2.) fee-based financial services.

Fee-only Consulting Services

KFM offers consulting services on an hourly basis. Typical consulting projects include:

Base Budget Analysis – includes the construction & evaluation of a budget as well as debt reduction strategies.
Estimated time to prepare: 3-4 hours
Estimated Cost of Plan: $500

Budget & Retirement Analysis
Estimated time to prepare: 5-6 hours
Estimated Cost of Plan: $800

Budget, Retirement Analysis, Retirement & Income Planning, Insurance Efficacy Review
Estimated time to prepare: 8-10 hours
Estimated Cost of Plan: $1,500

Fee-based Services

As another option, KFM offers fee-based services in which the client pays a percentage of their account balance to cover brokerage services and investment advice. Fees will vary according to account size.

Educational Workshops

  • Planning for College
  • Long-Term Care – Different Means to the Same End
  • Women’s Conversation Circles
  • Retirement Plans for Small Business Owners
  • Estate Planning

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