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Fee Structure

At KFM, our clients have the flexibility to choose among several service platforms for our financial planning advice. The service platforms include 1.) fee-only consulting services and 2.) fee-based financial services.

Fee-only Consulting Services

KFM offers consulting services on an hourly basis. Typical consulting projects include: asset allocation, business planning, cash flow and budget planning, insurance needs, tax planning, retirement strategy, real estate strategy, 401(k) advice, debt reduction, and more.

Base Budget Analysis – includes the construction & evaluation of a budget as well as debt reduction strategies.
Estimated time to prepare: 3-4 hours
Estimated Base Cost of Plan: $500

Budget & Retirement Analysis
Estimated time to prepare: 5-6 hours
Estimated Base Cost of Plan: $800

Budget, Retirement Analysis, Retirement & Income Planning, Insurance Efficacy Review
Estimated time to prepare: 8-10 hours
Estimated Base Cost of Plan: $1,500

Ongoing Budget Planning
Estimated Time: 1 hour meeting per month with client
Estimated Cost of Plan: $150 per month via Advice Pay monthly subscription

For Payment, clients have the option to pay by check on an hourly basis depending on when service is needed, or enroll in Advice Pay where they can easily pay a monthly subscription online, at which they can end any time.

Fee-based Services

As another option, KFM offers fee-based services in which the client pays a percentage of their account balance to cover brokerage services and investment advice. Fees will vary according to account size. For more information on our investment and insurance products and companies, visit our “Strategic Partners” page. We have a well-rounded set of products to fit your needs in terms of risk, exposure, time horizon, personal values, and more.

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